an eccentric and enthusiastic boy.
woah! what an addu!

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  • classic prick

    a tall white skinny man who lives in edina minnesota wow he is such a cl-ssic pr-ck

  • hypocristmas

    the time of the year when people who do not practice the christian religion celebrate the christmas religious holiday. merry hypocristmas to you!

  • peeronis

    pee-roh-nis peeronis is a disease of the lower area (i.e. the male genitailia), this is where you have a bending look of this area. the side effects are : bent, crooked, sideways, lopsided, or arched structure. “i think i want john ” “no you wouldn’t, i’ve seen what’s down there… i’m afraid he has peeronis”

  • a shit and run

    when someone takes a sh-t and clugs the toilet without telling the owner of the bathroom! god man…someone did a sh-t and run in the bathroom!

  • criscofarr

    verb meaning to m-st-rb-t- using one’s own tears as lube. i haven’t seen tommy since his girl left him. you have any idea where he could be? i’m sure he’s hiding somewhere just thinking about her and criscofarring.

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