adelaid’s are one of a kinds. coming from the french descent, they’re strong, independent women that only few can truly handle. they are travelholics and once they leave their childhood home will most likely never be back. they are seen as jokesters and sometimes bland but once you truly get to know them you will see how deep and intruiquing they can be. they love being put in hard situations as they always seem to prosper to the top. they’re loyal, caring and stunning inside and out. you want to keep a adelaid in your corner through life as they will always have your back and help push you to greatness. adelaids can be one of the nicest, down to earth people you’ll meet, there are usually very few people they hate or are rude too because they always see the bigger picture in life usually and try to stay from negativity. get an adelaid in your life!
guy: dude that adelaid is a special girl

dude: yeah she’s really one of a kind

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