a usually popular girl who is both incredibly beautiful and one of the nicest people in the world. however her beauty is usually only noticed by sensitive men who only wish to make her happy, and she is always single – waiting for one of those men.

most adelles are tall and athletic – hair colour varying, but usually blonde or light brown. they are easy to spot in a crowd on a monday morning because they are always smiling and optimistic no matter the circ-mstances.

their optimistic nature sometimes becomes mixed with other emotions like anxiety and shock, making an amusing but adorable show. they have slightly quirky natures, like to laugh and are always nice to people no matter how annoying they may be, how socially rejected they are, or how in love they are with her.
-why can’t i find a really nice girl?
-wait till you find an adelle

-those mobile love calculators are such gimmicks…
-not unless you get an adelle

-she’s beautiful both inside and out
-yeah, she’s a real adelle

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