the branch of medicine dealing with the development, structure, function, and diseases of glands.

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  • Adenolymphoma

    adenolymphoma adenolymphoma ad·e·no·lym·pho·ma (ād’n-ō-lĭm-fō’mə) n. a benign glandular tumor usually arising in the parotid gland and composed of two rows of eosinophilic epithelial cells with a lymphoid stroma. also called papillary cystadenoma lymphomatosum, warthin’s tumor.

  • Adenolymphocele

    adenolymphocele adenolymphocele ad·e·no·lym·pho·cele (ād’n-ō-lĭm’fə-sēl’) n. cystic dilation of a lymph node following obstruction of the efferent lymphatic vessels.

  • Adenolysis

    adenolysis adenolysis ad·e·nol·y·sis (ād’n-ŏl’ĭ-sĭs) n. destruction or dissolution of glandular tissue by enzymes.

  • Adenoma

    a benign tumor originating in a secretory gland. a benign tumor of glandlike structure. historical examples the innocent forms are the papilloma and the adenoma; the malignant, the carcinoma or cancer. manual of surgery alexis thomson and alexander miles as it resembles an adenoma in structure it is sometimes described as a malignant adenoma. manual […]

  • Adenoma sebaceum

    adenoma sebaceum adenoma sebaceum adenoma se·ba·ce·um (sĭ-bā’sē-əm) n. a hamartoma on the face, composed of fibrovascular tissue and appearing as an aggregation of red or yellow papules that may be -ssociated with tuberous sclerosis. also called pringle’s disease.

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