you are extremely bored, so you type this into a search engine to try to entertain yourself. i do it too.
hey, siri. what is the urban dictionary definition of adgjl;

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    mainly a youtuber, this guy mostly plays games to give a reaction to his audience, as any gaming youtuber would do. he is best known for his gameplay series, and he dabbles in a bit of sketch comedy. all in all, this guy is a really cool guy to watch on youtube. he also has […]

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    a person named ada and is a huge f-cking -sshole… my sister in law is ada the mighty -ssss.

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    commonly used at the end of a match to show your opponents how bad they are. if this gets said to you then stop playing immediately. apb:reloaded fans beware “wow that was so easy i typed ‘gg2ez4me’ after the game”

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    caring, savage, funny, smart, beautiful, courageous and outgoing lenara went bungee jumping off of a huge cliff

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