there aren’t any definitions for adhideva yet.

can you define it?

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  • telipoop

    to use your phone or be in a call while on the toilet. you can stay on the phone imma telip–p.

  • brian miller

    a person who is an -sshole to his friends and doesn’t give a sh-t about him or his friends. doesn’t care for friendship and wants only what he wants. “i’m a brian miller and i’m going to kick you from this call”

  • chedwyn

    a cute guy that gets a lot of girls. chedwyn gets b-tches. all chicks dig him! chedwyn is attractive!

  • colin cough

    gas from your colin. sorry man for doing this in the elevator , i have a bad case of colin cough.

  • emey

    a georgous and talented person who is made for the camera. she is an amazing friend and sticks up for them no matter what. she is bright and georgous and the luckiest people know an emey girl 1: omg that girls so georgous girl 2: yeah she’s definitely an emey

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