there aren’t any definitions for adhit yet.

can you define it?

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  • daveing it

    doing minimum work, and getting maximum reward. k: dude i can’t believe you got 3 exotics in a row. j: i know right, i was totally daveing it.

  • danseur

    a male ballet dancer. that man in the ballet is a danseur.

  • schoolboy rapper

    a rapper that goes to school or is under 18 kendrick lamar started out as a schoolboy rapper

  • you buggin

    the term “you buggin’” is used to make someone aware that they are irritating you. “can i have some of your candy?” “no, there’s only enough for me…” “can i please have some of your candy?” “i said no! godd-mn…you buggin”

  • koyama

    little mountain that is a small koyama

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