swahili pr-nunciation : uh-dee-uh
meaning: “gift from god”

american pr-nunciation: a-dee-uh
traits: emotionally understanding and intellectual.

“you were smart to name her adia”

sarah mclachlan wrote a song named “adia”. the song is about apologizing to her friend for marrying her ex-partner.
1. the best instant messaging client for os x.
2. the anti-ichat.
3. the duck owns you.
guy1: hey man have you seen how awesome adium is?
guy2: yea dude! totally owns proteus and ichat!
a demonic s-xy mistress, adia takes the form of an anthro wolf girl. she is 6′ tall, and has fur along her back, hips, and shoulders. she has sharp claws and teeth, her eyes or a swirl of red and black. her hair is medium length, and scruffy. she has a 3’6″ tail. she has an alternate form as a cerberus. she wears a very revealing torn up shirt, and tight jeans. she is very kinky and has a number of different slaves, she is also owned by tenk, her master
did you see how adia punished steamy, murr.

person 1:wow adia looks p-ssed *dodges h-llfire*

person 2: yeah tenk is punishing her
s-x goddess of frank; frank’s s-x goddess.
“only frank can get into adia’s dress”
the sweetest thing you will meet. almost imossible to find/one of a kind. there are many adia’s but only one matters!
“you found an adia!?”
“they so hard to find”
unique personality 1ofakind

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