adipokinetic ad·i·po·ki·net·ic (ād’ə-pō-kĭ-nět’ĭk, -kī-)
of or relating to an agent that mobilizes stored lipids.

Read Also:

  • Adiponecrosis

    adiponecrosis adiponecrosis ad·i·po·ne·cro·sis (ād’ə-pō-nə-krō’sĭs, -ně-) n. necrosis of fat, as occurs in hemorrhagic pancreat-tis.

  • Adipokinin

    adipokinin adipokinin ad·i·po·ki·nin (ād’ə-pō-kī’nĭn) n. an anterior pituitary hormone that mobilizes fat from adipose tissue. also called adipokinetic hormone.

  • Adiponecrosis neonatorum

    adiponecrosis neonatorum adiponecrosis neonatorum adiponecrosis ne·o·na·to·rum (nē’ō-nā-tôr’əm) n. see sclerema neonatorum.

  • Adiponitrile

    a colorless liquid, c 6 h 8 n 2 , used chiefly as an intermediate in the manufacture of nylon.

  • Adipose cell

    adipose cell adipose cell n. see fat cell.

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