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can you define it?

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  • hbo ho

    a person, usually a close friend, to whom you lend your hbo go account. “hey, boo, can i have your hbo go account and p-ssword?” “sure! you can be my hbo ho!” a girl you are only dating because she has hbo and lets you use her hbo go p-ssword. janette is just my hbo […]

  • pound some mcribs

    the act of f-cking ronald mcdonald, real deep, up in dem ribs if ronald comes over tonight, ima whip out my big mac and pound some mcribs

  • edward knoop

    a chubby b-tthead who sits next to me in american history cl-ss. he only listens to cringey weeaboo music in cl-ss and doesn’t want to listen to real music. edward knoop you need to listen to tvfilthyfrank like a real man!

  • tristan da cunha

    the most remote inhabited island on earth, with a population of about 200. there is literally, and i mean literally, nothing to do there. it is a volcanic island that could literally erupt an any moment and n-body would care. guy: hey man have you heard of tristan da cunha? other guy: what’s a “tristan […]

  • kinderschutten

    a german womam’s birth c-n-l. wow, bruinhilda’s kinderschutten is huge since she had the triplets.

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