to manage (affairs, a government, etc.); have executive charge of:
to administer the law.
to bring into use or operation:
to administer justice; to administer last rites.
to make application of; give:
to administer medicine.
to supervise the formal taking of (an oath or the like).
law. to manage or dispose of, as a decedent’s estate by an executor or or a trust estate by a trustee.
to contribute -ssistance; bring aid or supplies (usually followed by to):
to administer to the poor.
to perform the duties of an :
she administers quite effectively.
contemporary examples

sure, i can counsel concerned parents that none of the childhood vaccines i will be administering contain thimerosal.
robert f. kennedy jr.’s twisted anti-vaxx history russell saunders july 22, 2014

the first shot of his face is sort-of a peek-a-boo in between bouts of administering some, um, oral pleasure.
‘true blood’ star ryan kwanten looks back on jason stackhouse’s craziest scenes kevin fallon june 21, 2014

stern, along with doctors sandeep kapoor and khristine eroshevich, were charged with prescribing and administering drugs to smith.
most dysfunctional star couples the daily beast november 2, 2010

emb-ssy officials in kabul have been overwhelmed by the task of administering the programs.
america’s next blunder in afghanistan tara mckelvey june 22, 2011

and in 2007 he took a surprising stand in favor of administering the hpv vaccine to teenagers.
anita perry’s political baggage jacob bernstein october 12, 2011

historical examples

judges were always restricted by law and were held to strict account in administering justice.
the world’s progress, vol. i (of x) various

but i have not what is necessary for administering the last sacraments.
the three cities trilogy, complete emile zola

“wait, and compose yourself,” said mr. crum—administering the law of humanity.
man and wife wilkie collins

that justice it is my joy to feel that my hand has brought its administering about.
the golden woman ridgwell cullum

the lady having opened her griefs, the father who was shriving her insisted on administering a severe penitential scourging.
curiosities of olden times s. baring-gould

verb (mainly transitive)
(also intransitive) to direct or control (the affairs of a business, government, etc)
to put into execution; dispense: administer justice
when intr, foll by to. to give or apply (medicine, -ssistance, etc) as a remedy or relief
to apply formally; perform: to administer extreme unction
to supervise or impose the taking of (an oath, etc)
to manage or distribute (an estate, property, etc)

late 14c., administren, aministren “to manage as a steward,” from old french amenistrer “help, aid, be of service to” (12c., modern french administrer, the -d- restored 16c.), and directly from latin administrare “manage, control, guide, superintend; rule direct,” from ad- “to” (see ad-) + ministrare “serve” (see minister (v.)). used of medicine, etc., “to give,” from 1540s. related: administered; administering.

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