the office or jurisdiction of an admiral.
the officials or the department of state having charge of naval affairs, as in great britain.
a court dealing with maritime questions, offenses, etc.
maritime law.
the admiralty, the official building, in london, of the british commissioners for naval affairs.
of or relating to admiralty law.
contemporary examples

the daily beast also found in the county clerk records an admiralty lien by bud billings for $10 million in silver coins.
new suspect in florida killings rick outzen july 22, 2009

central and admiralty have some of the most expensive retail outlets in the world, and they are popular with the mainland crowd.
is hong kong tiananmen 2.0? brendon hong september 28, 2014

on september 11, 1939, roosevelt wrote to churchill, who was then first lord of the admiralty in charge of the royal navy.
blood and war: the hard truth about ‘boots on the ground’ clive irving september 21, 2014

ichabod is like a drunk uncle at thanksgiving, always saying adorably outdated things like, “is this an admiralty court?”
‘sleepy hollow’ is tv’s craziest, most over-the-top new show … and you should watch it amy zimmerman october 7, 2013

in admiralty, thomas, a student at the university of hong kong, shared a few well-worn words.
chinese tourists are taking hong kong protest selfies brendon hong october 22, 2014

historical examples

these accounts, and a demand for bomb vessels to -ssist the swedish flotilla, were sent to the admiralty.
memoirs and correspondence of admiral lord de saumarez. vol ii sir john ross

i wish the admiralty had my complaint: but they have no bowels, at least for me.
the life of horatio lord nelson robert southey

it seems the lead roofs are being repaired at the admiralty, and the plumbers are walking about where they like.
the red triangle arthur morrison

kiao-chau was under the administration of the german admiralty.
the story of the great war, volume iii (of viii) various

as to its safety, i hope the admiralty are the best judges; to a landsman’s eye she looks very small.
the life and letters of charles darwin, volume i (of ii) charles darwin

noun (pl) -ties
the office or jurisdiction of an admiral

jurisdiction over naval affairs
(as modifier): admiralty law


“naval branch of english executive,” early 15c., from old french amiralte, from amirail (see admiral).

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