displaying or feeling :
admiring looks.
contemporary examples

“you overcame the objection,” says len admiringly when i tell him about this that night.
confessions of an obama volunteer tom shone november 3, 2008

maybe not to true believers like state sen. kent sorenson, who introduced bachmann admiringly in indianola as “the real deal.”
michele bachmann’s promise and peril jill lawrence august 12, 2011

“i mean, i love everything will does,” poehler says admiringly (but not gushingly).
amy poehler: the seriously funny interview joel keller april 8, 2009

“i remember clearly being duly impressed by everybody,” he said, admiringly.
how old money beat murdoch sarah ellison may 26, 2010

after visiting nairobi 20 years ago, he wrote, admiringly, “here the world was black, and so you were just you.”
the obama family ‘homecoming’ dayo olopade july 9, 2009

historical examples

“that’s what ‘tiz to be a scholard,” muttered the tavern keeper, admiringly.
ande trembath matthew stanley kemp

then he wiped the rein with his coat tail and looked at it admiringly.
thoroughbreds w. a. fraser

sir harry watched them admiringly, and his enthusiasm grew every moment.
not like other girls rosa n. carey

“he’s got the eye with him this time,” said cousin egbert admiringly.
ruggles of red gap harry leon wilson

and she held una by her elbows, and looked at her admiringly.
only one love, or who was the heir charles garvice

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