an act of .
counsel, advice, or caution.
a gentle reproof.
a warning or reproof given by an ecclesiastical authority.
contemporary examples

kelly’s admonition of the film through an aide‚ years after the fact, doesn’t go down well.
ray kelly’s dalliance with the islamophobic fringes ali gharib july 18, 2013

his admonition last week to the irish church repeatedly emphasised that heaven still awaits the penitent pedophile priest.
prosecute the pope geoffrey robertson march 31, 2010

that soundos survived, and with a bullet in her head, seems to many an act of g-d, and an admonition.
the little syrian girl with a bullet in her head gregory beals november 28, 2013

his supporters hosted a men-only fundraiser with this admonition on the invitation: “tell the misses not to wait up.”
the republican war on women continues, just more quietly eleanor clift october 12, 2014

an admonition to “be yourself” results in nothing but confusion.
‘mad men’ season 6 review: triumphant, lyrical, and way existential jace lacob april 2, 2013

historical examples

he was a man of much influence, but he does not seem to have resisted the admonition.
the catholic world; vol. iv.; october, 1866, to march, 1867. e. rameur

i felt it was so thoughtful of him to give me this admonition.
a woman tenderfoot grace gallatin seton-thompson

it is needless to add that the worthy provost was mollified, and that the little fellow was dismissed with an admonition.
scotch wit and humor w. h. (walter henry) howe

with that she recalled her mother’s admonition, and went upstairs to walter’s door.
alice adams booth tarkington

from you he expects absolution and admonition in his last moments.
the devil’s elixir e. t. a. hoffmann


late 14c., amonicioun “reminding, instruction,” from old french amonicion “admonition, exhortation,” from latin admonitionem (nominative admonitio), noun of action from past participle stem of admonere (see admonish). meaning “warning” is early 15c. the -d- was restored in english 17c.

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