Adolf Trump

the ultimate goal of donald trump is to be recognized as adolf trump. that’s why he says all that bullsh-t. no white b-tch could ever think that way unless r-t-rd levels were above ethan bradberry’s voice pitch.

thin line between evil and insane.
random delusional person: bro, i just ate the grilled stuffed burrito the taco bell employee recommended me!

random mexican sc-m: dude, you just got adolf trumped. i don’t know if that f-cker was evil or just the r-t-rd lord.
the delusional guy: oh sh-t, my poor -ss can’t handle this bullsh-t. gotta deport all mexicans because of their cr-ppy -ss food.
#adolf hitler #taco bell #insanity #ethan bradberry #mexicans #white b-tch

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