a stupid idiot who never replies to your texts and likes to get laid.
“don’t talk to him, he’s just an adomas”

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  • pittsburgh billy

    -n-l s-x oh f-ck yeah !! we went to pittsburgh billy

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    very short, stumpy person. can be scary at times, but has a good personality and attracts young fangirls nale, let her come to your house.

  • are you sure about that?

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    when you really want some one to shut up and you keep getting interrupted so the only thing you can get out is sha la la la “remember that one time we left” “sha la la la” “really hailey”

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    to hep, to be heped, to hep others, or in spcal curc-mstences hep urslf hrder den ny udder. or contract hep c dood u got heped! u need heped? im srry sr but u have the heps. she…she heped me hrdr than i evr heped b4! u no want a hepin?

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