the name of greek goddess aphrodite’s male lover, who was a great and handsome hunter until a boar killed him. she turned him into a rose to remember him.
it is the one male name that will guarantee a very vain, extremely hot, and exceedingly pompous son. no-one will take him seriously, he will be called gay, and he will be made fun of until he’s twenty and becomes hot. use with caution.
“hi, i’m adonis. ”
“aha. that’s funny.”
“no, that’s really my name.”
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a very handsome man, essentially very well endowed, a true ladies man. some think he’s gay by the amount of women that flock to him. his physical features are second to none. truly one of a kind.
he’s so handsome that he’s an adonis
beautiful greek g-d. killed by a boar.

used casually to describe a beautiful and l-st worthy man.
he is a ginger adonis
a guy otherwise known as esteran/esteban. has the biggest donk you’ve ever seen.. with both eyes closed. but when they’re opened it’s only 180 degrees. he has bleached brown hair and a peace sign tattoo on his scrawny arm that is a circle that probably has a diameter of 3 inches and nothing mire because if it was bigger it wouldn’t fit in the dimmensions of his arm.
person: woah that guy has a big donk and his name is esteban.
person #2: yeah he’s an adonis.
a new gay bar in cincy
also a handsome male in greek mythology
hey look at those two queers at adonis having p–ps-x outside.

that guy just got 4 girls, he is such an adonis.

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