the god of both, beauty and a large p-n-s.
wow, he’s an adoniz!

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  • catching buns

    when a guy or girl is about to get down and dirty to do the nasty i can’t chill tonight because i’m catching buns

  • gold blend

    a pub toilet bowl which has been used frequently on a sat-rday night but remained unflushed. “dang cleetus “- that there cr-pper has been p-ssed in so much it’s steeped more than a week old teabag” “sure would make a mighty fine cup of gold blend, billy bob”

  • canadian water skiing

    when you tie someone to the back of a car and drag them around the streets. done in order to seriously annoy people. hey, did you hear about that guy who didn’t pay the gang what they wanted? he got taken on a little canadian water skiing trip. i haven’t heard from him.

  • skiwe

    a domestic servant who performs a great service my skiwe did a great job

  • queervous

    adj. the condition of being both queer and nervous simultaneously; describes one who is unsure of their own s-xuality, therefore the individual becomes nervous in situations where the topic of gender ident-ty is relevant. “hey man, did you see liam giving that speech at the lgbtqrst+ conference last night?” “yeah bro, he was killing it […]

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