adrenalectomy ad·re·nal·ec·to·my (ə-drē’nə-lěk’tə-mē)
the surgical excision of one or both of the adrenal glands. also called suprarenalectomy.

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    adrenalitis adrenalitis ad·re·nal·i·tis (ə-drē’nə-lī’tĭs) n. inflammation of one or both of the adrenal glands.

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    adrenalopathy adrenalopathy ad·re·na·lop·a·thy (ə-drē’nə-lŏp’ə-thē) or ad·re·nop·a·thy (ād’rə-nŏp’ə-thē) n. disease of the adrenal glands.

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