adrenotropic ad·re·no·trop·ic (ə-drē’nō-trŏp’ĭk, -trō’pĭk) or ad·re·no·troph·ic (ə-drē’nō-trŏf’ĭk, -trō’fĭk)

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  • Adrenotropin

    adrenotropin adrenotropin ad·re·no·trop·in (ə-drē’nō-trŏp’ĭn, -trō’pĭn) n. see acth.

  • Adret

    a side of a mountain receiving direct sunlight.

  • Adriamycin

    a brand of . adriamycin a·dri·a·my·cin (ā’drē-ə-mī’sən) a trademark used for an antibiotic containing doxorubicin and used as an antineoplastic agent.

  • Adrian i

    died a.d. 795, pope 772–795.

  • Adrian ii

    italian ecclesiastic: pope a.d. 867–872.

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