Adrienne rich

adrienne, born 1929, u.s. poet and feminist.
a male given name, form of .
contemporary examples

adrienne rich, 82 (may 16, 1929, to march 27, 2012) one of the most influential poets of our time.
remembering writers who left us in 2012 the daily beast december 26, 2012

we look back and remember the many authors who died this year, from gore vidal to nora ephron, from ray bradbury to adrienne rich.
remembering writers who left us in 2012 the daily beast december 26, 2012


well supplied with wealth, property, etc; owning much
(as collective noun; preceded by the): the rich

when postpositive, usually foll by in. having an abundance of natural resources, minerals, etc: a land rich in metals
producing abundantly; fertile: rich soil
when postpositive, usually foll by in or with. well supplied (with desirable qualities); abundant (in): a country rich with cultural interest
of great worth or quality; valuable: a rich collection of antiques
luxuriant or prolific: a rich growth of weeds
expensively elegant, elaborate, or fine; costly: a rich display
(of food) having a large proportion of flavoursome or fatty ingredients, such as spices, b-tter, or cream
having a full-bodied flavour: a rich ruby port
(of a smell) pungent or fragrant
(of colour) intense or vivid; deep: a rich red
(of sound or a voice) full, mellow, or resonant
(of a fuel-air mixture) containing a relatively high proportion of fuel compare weak (sense 12)
very amusing, laughable, or ridiculous: a rich joke, a rich situation
see riches
adrienne. 1929–2012, us poet and feminist writer; her volumes of poetry include snapshots of a daughter-in-law (1963) and diving into the wreck (1973)
buddy, real name bernard rich. 1917–87, us jazz drummer and band leader

old english rice “strong, powerful; great, mighty; of high rank,” in later old english “wealthy,” from proto-germanic -rikijaz (cf. old norse rikr, swedish rik, danish rig, old frisian rike “wealthy, mighty,” dutch rijk, old high german rihhi “ruler, powerful, rich,” german reich “rich,” gothic reiks “ruler, powerful, rich”), borrowed from a celtic source akin to gaulish -rix, old irish ri (genitive rig) “king,” from pie root -reg- “move in a straight line,” hence, “direct, rule” (see rex).

the form of the word was influenced in middle english by old french riche “wealthy, magnificent, sumptuous,” which is, with spanish rico, italian ricco, from frankish -riki “powerful,” or some other cognate germanic source.

old english also had a noun, rice “rule, reign, power, might; authority; empire.” the evolution of the word reflects a connection between wealth and power in the ancient world. of food and colors, from early 14c.; of sounds, from 1590s. sense of “entertaining, amusing” is recorded from 1760. the noun meaning “the wealthy” was in old english.

related terms

strike it rich, too rich for someone’s blood
in addition to the idiom beginning with
also see:

embarr-ssment of riches
from rags to riches
strike it rich

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