expert or nimble in the use of the hands or body.
cleverly skillful, resourceful, or ingenious:
an adroit debater.
contemporary examples

simon elegant, in time, writes on how mo adroitly negotiates the edges of censorship.
60 second guide to mo yan: 2012 winner of n-bel prize for literature the daily beast october 10, 2012

the result enabled others in the administration, like geithner, to play emanuel adroitly.
‘the escape artists’ speed read: best bits on how obama bungled financial reform ben jacobs february 25, 2012

historical examples

adroitly, he led them to believe that the good spirit had taught him to sing, and had sent him to them for their diversion.
the adventures of the chevalier de la salle and his companions, in their explorations of the prairies, forests, lakes, and rivers, of the new world, and their interviews with the savage tribes, two hundred years ago john s. c. abbott

“then see that you use him adroitly to your work,” said his mother.
the lion’s skin rafael sabatini

but this continuance is so adroitly managed that no break is felt, and the succession very seldom becomes tedious.
a short history of french literature george saintsbury

adroitly he leaped into the seat of the charioteer and seized the reins.
henry iv, makers of history john s. c. abbott

it is so adroitly arranged, and so neatly covered with paper the same as the walls, that no one would suspect its existence.
the history of prost-tution william w. sanger

he adroitly slipped some napoleons into the man’s hand as he spoke.
tony butler charles james lever

mr. br-ssfield adroitly overtook miss scarlett, who seemed endeavoring to retreat.
double trouble herbert quick

thereupon she pushed me adroitly, and made me fall’ an the sofa.
the memoires of casanova, complete jacques casanova de seingalt

skilful or dexterous
quick in thought or reaction

1650s, “dexterous,” originally “rightly,” from french adroit, from phrase à droit “according to right,” from old french à “to” (see ad-) + droit “right,” from late latin dir-ct-m “right, justice,” accusative of latin directus “straight” (see direct (v.)). related: adroitly; adroitness.

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