a dumb b-tch who should get slapped by horse p-n-s.
my teacher is a adrow.

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  • twig nig

    an underweight person of color, combining the terms twig boy and n-gg-r white guy 1: “look at that skinny c–n trying to break into that truck over there” white guy 2: “where?” white guy 1: “right there” white guy 2: “oh sh-t, we can lynch that twig nig with dental floss “

  • sleeping with one eye open

    ‘sleep with one eye open’ is usually used as a metaphor in a sentence. it basically means being very cautious, careful or attentive. the peddler was sleeping with one eye open. he was shocked, as he heard footsteps approaching him. he looked quite frightened.

  • sayonara motherfucker

    something a person would say to another before he/she shoots the other person… sayonara motherf-cker !!

  • informativation

    in business or research: information that increases motivation to complete a task. that powerpoint hit all the right informativational spots- i’m stoked to finish the -n-lysis on the spring-tale snail and it’s relationship to tree fungus.

  • Bush ruffle

    while s-xually pleasing a woman with a large pubic growth, you make the v-g-n- talk like a bearded man, by pushing and pulling both sides of the v-g-n-. my wife kicked me out of the bedroom for giving her a bush ruffle!

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