a substance that .
historical examples

in it the preparation of barytes as an adulterant for paints is described at some length.
scientific american, volume 56, no. 9, february 26, 1887 various

it is often added to, as an adulterant, or subst-tuted for the true almond oil.
the chemistry of food and nutrition a. w. duncan

almond meal is sometimes used as an adulterant in ipecacuanha powder.
cooley’s practical receipts, volume ii arnold cooley

this oil, which has what is generally termed a “tea-rose odour,” is occasionally used as an adulterant for otto of rose.
the handbook of soap manufacture w. h. simmons

in europe, chicory is not regarded as an adulterant—it is an addition, or modifier, if you please.
all about coffee william h. ukers

the fireweed is cultivated as an ornamental plant in england, where the leaves are also used as an adulterant of tea.
flowers of mountain and plain edith s. clements

multum, mul′tum, n. an adulterant compound in brewing of qu-ssia and liquorice.
chambers’s twentieth century dictionary (part 2 of 4: e-m) various

the froth produced by shaking an infusion of senega keeps much longer than that produced by an infusion of the adulterant.
cooley’s practical receipts, volume ii arnold cooley

the roots of this, after being ground and roasted, are used either as a subst-tute or an adulterant of coffee.
the practical garden-book c. e. hunn

the leaves of a closely allied plant, empleurum serratulum, are employed as a subst-tute or adulterant for buchu.
encyclopaedia britannica, 11th edition, volume 4, part 3 various

a substance or ingredient that adulterates

adulterant a·dul·ter·ant (ə-dŭl’tər-ənt)
an additive causing an undesirable effect; impurity.
a·dul’ter·ant adj.

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