an adjective describing a verb.

most likely will end in “-ly.”
slowly, quickly, magically, beautifully, gracefully, charmingly, are all adverbs.
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sadly, adverbs are no longer commonly used in everyday speech and perhaps even in writing; they are increasingly being replaced by adjectives. see the examples for clarification.

remember that adverbs modify verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs. adjectives modify nouns.
incorrect usage with adjectives:
incorrect: i did good on that compet-tion today.
incorrect: i did bad on that test.
incorrect: my computer can download files fast!
incorrect: my computer works perfect.

correct usage with adverbs:
correct: i did well on that compet-tion today.
correct: i did badly on that test.
correct: my computer can download files quickly!
correct: my computer works perfectly.

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