a boi who gets salty when the patriots lose and would suck tom brady off if he had the chance
kid:omg the pats f-cking lost
other kid: don’t be an advith

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  • syrian christmas

    when 5+ males and one female gather in a room with authentic mediterranean food and the men drizzle -j-c-l-t- onto each dish individually. the woman proceeds to consume the meal. my sister brought her boyfriend to our syrian christmas and it was really awkward.

  • gain cocaine

    powder-form weightlifting supplements. i.e. pre-workout, protein, or bcaa’s. “good god, look at that guy! he must be using gain cocaine, he is huge!”

  • l dot

    arguing with someone until they give up and agree with you. the man got l dotted into submission and decided to stop talking and agree

  • war pigeons

    a game mode in battlefield 1 in which one retreats to when the game mode conquest can not be played well due to some irrelevant cause such as tanks. cy@ oh sh-t f-cking tanks i’m going to play war pigeons (salty asf ) i’m going to play war pigeons

  • 2016 af

    2016 as f-ck; colloquialism for “really messed up” or “really bad,” particularly as applied to culturally-relevant occurrences. kanye west won the presidency in 2020? that’s 2016 af! the cubs winning the world series is 2016 af! omg, will smith getting hit by a car?? that’s 2016 af!

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