a woman whose profession is writing, designing, or selling advertis-m-nts.

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  • Adygei

    official name adygei autonomous region. an autonomous region in the russian federation, part of the krasnodar territory, in the nw caucasus mountains. 1505 sq. mi. (3903 sq. km). capital: maikop. a circ-ssian language spoken in the adygei autonomous region. noun (pl) -gei, -geis, -ghe, -ghes. a member of a circ-ssian people of the northwest caucasus […]

  • Adygei republic

    noun a const-tuent republic of sw russia, bordering on the caucasus mountains: chiefly agricultural but with some mineral resources. capital: maikop. pop: 447 000 (2002). area: 7600 sq km (2934 sq miles)

  • Adynamia

    noun (obsolete) loss of vital power or strength, esp as the result of illness; weakness or debility historical examples at this stage of the disease, in which adynamia predominates, everything must tend to support the organism. on the cattle plague: or, contagious typhus in horned cattle. its history, origin, description, and treatment honor bourguignon again, […]

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    adynamic ileus adynamic ileus a·dy·nam·ic ileus (ā’dī-nām’ĭk, ād’ə-) n. see paralytic ileus.

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