a flaming, raging, h-m-s-xual, f-ckboi who gets triggered at almost everything that happens to him.
wow, you’re being such an adyan today.

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  • kwulch

    a word that means idiot or an insult for someone you don’t like that liam guy is such a f-cking kwulch. joel keeps calling me a kwulch, i hate him. tariq is being such a kwulch to me right now. donald trump is a right kwulch.

  • muntadher

    a man with a very big p-n-s. he is funny, entertaining and intelligent. he has this unique sense of humor that makes every girl soaking wet. it is said that he has f-cked half the girls in the world. girl #1: omg did you know that muntadher is in town?! girl #2: he gave me […]

  • snickanut

    a term used to clown people’s head boy come yonder! yo head shape like a snickanut!

  • nijaurea

    often funny,smart,cute and sometimes annoying and really loves fried chicken she is the type of girl you will she running in the hallway and laughing about it she is very careful she is a bit clumsy sometimes get your self a nijaurea

  • jeayana

    a bright witty girl who can sometimes be a bit awkward but still super lovable and is a hard working person with big goals. sometimes she can get a bit of a temper but she has a very good heart and speaks the truth. sometimes i wish there were more jeayanas in the world.

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