variant of -ea:

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  • -aean

    a combination of -aea and -an: athenaean.

  • -aemia

    variant of -emia: anaemia. -aemia combining form denoting blood, esp a specified condition of the blood in names of diseases leukaemia word origin new latin, from greek -aimia, from haima blood -aemia suff. variant of -emia.

  • -aena

    variant of -ena: hyaena.

  • -age

    a suffix typically forming m-ss or abstract nouns from various parts of speech, occurring originally in loanwords from french (voyage; courage) and productive in english with the meanings “aggregate” (coinage; peerage; trackage), “process” (coverage; breakage), “the outcome of” as either “the fact of” or “the physical effect or remains of” (seepage; wreckage; spoilage), “place of […]

  • -agog

    variant of -agogue. -agogue combining form indicating a person or thing that leads or incites to action pedagogue, demagogue denoting a substance that stimulates the secretion of something galactagogue derived forms -agogic, combining_form:in_adjective -agogy, combining_form:in_noun:countable word origin via late latin from greek agōgos leading, from agein to lead

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