physical chemistry. a system of colloidal particles dispersed in a gas; smoke or fog.
a liquid substance, as a disinfectant or deodorant, sealed in a metal container under pressure with an inert gas or other activating agent and released as a spray or foam through a push-b-tton valve or nozzle:
an aerosol for cleaning ovens.
of or containing a liquid or gas under pressure for dispensing as a spray or foam:
a deodorant available in aerosol cans.
contemporary examples

so rey and maupin sprayed the guards with their own mace-type aerosol and took off running in a panic.
the mad shooter of paris is a ‘natural born killer’ christopher d-ckey november 20, 2013

one christian man complained about “the idea that angels would forsake their divinity for aerosol cologne,” according to jezebel.
11 ads banned from tv shannon donnelly october 31, 2011

the aerosol mist of blood would have been visible through the scope.
exclusive excerpt: mlk’s haunting final hours hampton sides april 23, 2010

historical examples

a drop or so of the aerosol on the skin is enough, i understand.
d-mned if you don’t gordon randall garrett

she flinched and misted a cloud of aerosol capsic-m ahead of her.
makers cory doctorow

solvents and aerosol sprays also decrease the heart and respiratory rates, and impair judgment.
what works: schools without drugs united states department of education

a colloidal dispersion of solid or liquid particles in a gas; smoke or fog
a substance, such as a paint, polish, or insecticide, dispensed from a small metal container by a propellant under pressure
also called air spray. such a substance together with its container

1919, from aero- “air” + first syllable in solution. a term in physics; modern commercial application is from 1940s.

aerosol aer·o·sol (âr’ə-sôl’)

a gaseous suspension of fine solid or liquid particles.

a substance, such as a drug containing therapeutically active ingredients, packaged under pressure with a gaseous propellant for release as a spray of fine particles.


a substance consisting of very fine particles of a liquid or solid suspended in a gas. mist, which consists of very fine droplets of water in air, is an aerosol. compare emulsion, foam.

a liquid substance, such as paint, an insecticide, or a hair spray, packaged under pressure for use or application as a fine spray.

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