389–314 b.c, athenian orator: rival of demosthenes.
historical examples

the three, however, who are of most importance to the historian are isocrates, aeschines and demosthenes.
encyclopaedia britannica, 11th edition, volume 12, slice 4 various

if so, that was probably because aeschines had no philosophy of his own.
the legacy of greece various

the six epistles are also forgeries; they were used by the composer of the twelve epistles which bear the name of aeschines.
encyclopaedia britannica, 11th edition, volume 8, slice 2 various

an oath was then administered, the form of which is preserved to us by aeschines.
athens: its rise and fall, complete edward bulwer-lytton

the backward and barbarous thracians were therefore trimmed in the roughest way, like aeschines, with his long gnawed moustache.
theocritus, bion and moschus theocritus

it may be urged with some force that the mother of aeschines introduced foreign, novel and possibly savage rites.
myth, ritual, and religion, vol. 1 andrew lang

accused by aeschines, he delivered his famous oration on the crown.
beacon lights of history, volume i john lord

mr mitford is speaking of one of the greatest men that ever lived, demosthenes, and comparing him with his rival, aeschines.
the miscellaneous writings and speeches of lord macaulay, vol. 1 (of 4) thomas babington macaulay

finally he may became as famous as demosthenes or aeschines.
essays on the greek romances elizabeth hazelton haight

mr mitford refers for confirmation of his statement to aeschines and plutarch.
the miscellaneous writings and speeches of lord macaulay, vol. 1 (of 4) thomas babington macaulay

?389–?314 bc, athenian orator; the main political opponent of demosthenes

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