c-ck , p-n-s , weiner
his aesic is huge .

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  • cawa

    expressing one’s desire for eye-s-x with someone else; the act of eye-s-x did you see that hot guy with all the tat’s? i’m gonna cawa him from acress the room. i’d like to cawa that hottie! ooh, she giving him cawa eyes.

  • c&c: g

    command and conquer: generals i played c&c: g all night long!!

  • chadm*ffin

    an odd shaped hat/beanie that looks like a m-ffin. “clean -ss lil chadm-ffin!! :]” “hey fresh -ss chadm-ffin u got there” “no its not a beanie, its a chadm-ffin”

  • chairlift

    a giant mongose accompanied by a mouse about to be eaten by a giant fox named pongo hmm, look at that chairlift i hope pongo eats it this time

  • chairman wow

    expression of amazement to such a degree that a simple ‘wow’ just can’t cut it. first known to have appeared on an episode of the (excellent) british sitcom ‘the it crowd’. bill: hey ben, i just grew an enormous talking sunflower! ben: chairman wow! freakish talking sunflower: weeed

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