away from facebook
am affb for a while i got things too do in real life

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  • africasion

    1. commonly known as a person who is an offspring of one african person and one caucasian person. may also be african and asian, but never malaysian. 2. a respectable way to refer to one’s self of mixed race. often considered superior to mulatto. the person may believe to be royalty of their own race. […]

  • afrikaaner

    ok some people here are getting confused… im south african so i know what im talking about, an afrikaaner is an afrikaans person, an afrikaans person is someone who talks afrikaans. black south africans and white south africans that dont speak afrikaans are not afrikaaners. afrikaaners are the ones that came up with the idea […]

  • a gabby

    when a person takes forever to respond to a text. me: hey! what are you doing today? 9:57 am other person: hey! nothing really. why what’s up? 7:07 pm other person is “a gabby” because it took them almost 10 hours to reply back to a text.

  • agbd

    n. a giant black dude. agbd stole my television. 1 more definition add your own leet hax0r agbd is a leet haxor

  • ageana

    beautiful egyptian g-dness known throughout the world for being smart, s-xy, talented and cunning. wow! ageana is the woman i always wanted to be like!

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