-ssumed artificially; unnatural; feigned:
affected sophistication; an affected british accent.
-ssuming or pretending to possess that which is not natural:
her affected wealth and social pedigree are so obviously false that it’s embarr-ssing.
inclined or disposed:
well affected toward the speaker’s cause.
held in affection; fancied:
a novel much affected by our grandparents.
historical examples

the burghers are not to be match’d for affectedness, and their conversation is insupportable.
the memoirs of charles-lewis, baron de pollnitz, volume i karl ludwig von pllnitz

she had been formerly sharp in her condemnation of the countess—her affectedness, her euphuism, and her vulgarity.
evan harrington, complete george meredith

there is no affectedness of speech—for the moment it is childishly genuine.
twenty years a detective in the wickedest city in the world clifton r. wooldridge

adjective (usually postpositive)
deeply moved, esp by sorrow or grief: he was greatly affected by her departure
changed, esp detrimentally
behaving, speaking, etc, in an artificial or -ssumed way, esp in order to impress others
feigned: affected indifference
(archaic) inclined; disposed

past participle adjective from affect (v.2); 1530s in the now-obsolete sense “favorably disposed” (preserved in disaffected); meaning “artificially displayed” is recorded from 1580s.

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