the act of ; state of being or -ssociated.
contemporary examples

today, barnard struggles to have a calling card beyond its location in new york and its affiliation with columbia.
big woman on campus kate taylor october 21, 2008

and authorities have accused suspects of an affiliation with al qaeda in only 10 percent of their cases.
feds on a terror tear karen greenberg, francesca laguardia september 28, 2009

stolz said that police believe the suspect acted alone but they will be investigating “any affiliation this gentleman had.”
a murder in wichita joe stumpe may 31, 2009

during his campaign, mcdonnell downplayed his gop affiliation—a move that helped him attract democrats and independents in droves.
the governors d-gg-ng obama mark mckinnon, myra adams march 14, 2010

the ident-ties of the two shooters at the virgin mary church are not known, nor is their affiliation.
in latest killing of egypt’s christians 2 young girls slain christopher d-ckey october 21, 2013

historical examples

her affiliation with the occident is so much the more complete; but her eastern origin is never in doubt.
studies of contemporary poets mary c. sturgeon

what we note here is an affiliation in revolt between the artist and the m-sses.
suspended judgments john cowper powys

we are attaining by degrees a certain number of facts relating to the affiliation of species.
the non-religion of the future: a sociological study jean-marie guyau

in place of affiliation we realize a constant sense of repulsion.
foot-prints of travel maturin m. ballou

and i nodded, recalling the affiliation between the two inst-tutions at cambridge.
the haunted pajamas francis perry elliott


1751, “adoption,” from french affiliation, from medieval latin affiliationem (nominative affiliatio), noun of action from past participle stem of latin affiliare “to adopt a son,” from ad- “to” (see ad-) + filius “son” (see filial). figurative sense of “adoption by a society, of branches” first recorded 1799 (affiliate in this sense is from 1761).

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    a court order requiring the father of an illegitimate child to make child-support payments. noun (law) (formerly) an order made by a magistrates’ court that a man adjudged to be the father of an illegitimate child shall contribute a specified periodic sum towards the child’s maintenance

  • Affiliation proceedings

    plural noun (formerly) legal proceedings, usually initiated by an unmarried mother, claiming legal recognition that a particular man is the father of her child, often -ssociated with a claim for financial support

  • Affiliative

    to bring into close -ssociation or connection: the research center is affiliated with the university. to attach or unite on terms of fellowship; -ssociate (usually followed by with in u.s. usage, by to in brit. usage): to affiliate with the church. to trace the descent, derivation, or origin of: to affiliate a language. to adopt. […]

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