in a .
historical examples

the rosy hilda, all aflutter, began to apologize for the state of her house which was as spotless as a new pan.
plowing on sunday sterling north

she was all aflutter with expectancy not untinged by fear, she knew not of what.
the bartlett mystery louis tracy

he was all aflutter, and asked that i remain, as the general would not be long.
a journal from our legation in belgium hugh gibson

when at last, all aflutter, jeanne danced away into the wings, even the musicians dropped their instruments to applaud.
third warning roy j. snell

the line ended with a flock of bicycles all aflutter with ribbons and pennants.
ethel morton at chautauqua mabell s. c. smith

at once the princess was aflutter with eagerness and excitement.
graustark george barr mccutcheon

adjective, adverb (postpositive)
in or into a nervous or excited state

1830, from a- (1) + flutter (v.).

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