can be annoying and childish.
you are so afnaan

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  • yabbering

    abnoxiously talking, especially when robin dunn is improving and har-ssing a fictional cameraman. quit your yabbering

  • daddy jill

    the act of stealing other’s pictures and using them as your own to become popular in a chatting app. also see catfish. “d-mn that girl is cute af!” “nah bro she a daddy jill” wakie slang, the act of using other people’s dps to be popular. “i’m scared of catfishes” “nah dude, you’re scared of […]

  • depangry

    the feeling when you are depressed angry and feeling let down at the same time. laura felt depangry when she found out her friend couldnt go on their beach trip after being so excited for weeks.

  • lerming

    to d-ck around similar to mental masturbation or loitering “why are you just standing there holding your d-ck, you lermer!?” “stop lerming around.”

  • nervous b*tton

    a b-tton on a tight sweater or shirt that’s being strained to its limits and is hanging on for dear life. the bank manager’s tight cardigan sweater came together just under her buxom chest, held precariously in place by a lone nervous b-tton.

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