contemporary examples

not really, according to andrew watt, the president and ceo of the -ssociation of fundraising professionals (afp).
#icebucketchallenge wisdom from ‘jack-ss’ steve-o kevin zawacki august 20, 2014

afp marveled that “wikileaks reveal[ed]” the 35-year-old cable.
how julian -ssange fooled the media once again michael moynihan april 15, 2013

afp refused to say whether maroun was paying for the campaign, explaining that its donor lists were private.
the price of the tea party david frum june 15, 2012

when faced with multiple casualty reports, afp usually adopts the lower number.
isis fighters are killing faster than statisticians can count peter schwartzstein december 4, 2014

afp argues the bridge project could be a burden on taxpayers.
tea partying with crony capitalism david frum october 23, 2012

“one of our factions, junood ul hifsa, did it,” ttp spokesman ehsanullah ehsan told the afp news agency.
death on killer mountain amanda padoan july 5, 2013

sean higgins in the washington examiner writes: afp is also taking the same position as moroun on proposal 6.
tea partying with crony capitalism david frum october 23, 2012

“i saw a person dying in front of me and there was nothing we could do to save them,” kamar ismail told the australia afp.
deadly boat disaster rattles australia’s conscience raymond bonner december 15, 2010

luke hilgemann, the vice president of afp, said the organization is a champion, not a predator, of the working cl-ss.
the tea party’s new koch-flavored populism patricia murphy april 14, 2014

afp admitted spending more than $10 million to back him in 2011 and 2012.
the next phase of the koch brothers’ war on unions carl deal and tia lessin december 21, 2014


1. appletalk filing protocol.
2. advanced function presentation.
acute flaccid paralysis

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