anew; once more; again:
to start afresh.
historical examples

all this experience is now to be made no further use of, and the guns p-ss into the hands of men who will have to learn it afresh.
with the naval brigade in natal (1899-1900) lieutenant burne.

but this gives them surprise, somewhat alarming them afresh.
gaspar the gaucho mayne reid

this was to come home to him afresh that evening—the day he met sidney feeder in the park.
lady barbarina henry james

my two seamen have now come back; i will question them afresh.
the settlers william h. g. kingston

every text that rose to his heart seemed to wound it afresh.
she’s all the world to me hall caine

all my fear of the world, and my desire to escape from it, had fallen upon me afresh.
the woman thou gavest me hall caine

an hour later, however, when he was smoking his pipe on the porch step, the temptation beset him afresh.
the helpers francis lynde

since then, she had reproached him afresh whenever she caught him looking at it.
rope holworthy hall

let him come to enjoy the peace which she had bestowed on the country, but not to destroy it afresh.
the revolt of the netherlands, complete friedrich schiller

she looked at him afresh all strangely; then she threw off: “i wish i didn’t adore you!”
the tragic muse henry james

once more; once again; anew

c.1500, perhaps on -n-logy of anew [see note in oed], from a- (1) + fresh.

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