Afro Samurai

on the dark path of swordsmanship in a “futuristic” yet feudal j-pan, it is said that the one who becomes the no. 1 warrior will rule the world with powers akin to a god. only the no. 2 warrior is allowed to challenge the no. 1, but anyone can challenge the no. 2. the current no. 2, the afro samurai, travels the road looking for revenge on justice, the man who murdered his father (who was then the no. 1) in front of him when he was just a boy, a skilled gunman who became the current no. 1 after defeating afro’s father.
afro samurai is a pretty gangsta anime.
a mostly silent black guy with a m-ssive head of hair, on a vengance path who will hurt anyone in his way..anyone who isn’t afraid of him that is…his best friend is an imaginary oppisite of himself. he is on n-gg- you don’t wanna mess with…ever
guy 1: here he comes the afro samurai
guy 2: ha i can take him
-afro walks in
guy 2: alright b-tch lets go
-afro punches guy 2
-guy 2 is dead
afro: shut up
sticking your finger in a girl’s -ss and then smearing it across her forehead thus giving her the #2 headband.
i gave that girl an afro samurai last week, now shes looking for that girl r-kelly peed on so that she can fight the #1 warrior.
a man’s p-n-s
afro samurai

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