the feeling you get after -rg-sming or masterbating
maradona- why are you being so distant and tired

jim- we just had s-x, i have aftersmash

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  • wilberth

    the type of guy that uses a condom to m-st-rb-t- it’s time to pull a wilberth

  • princess layou

    expensive, pretty hookers in sci-fi costumes, who work fantasy venues. princess layou worked the comicon fantasy circuit.

  • jfk assassination

    s-x move involving a finish with a c-m shot to the head my girl got p-ssed when i gave her a jfk -ss-ssination last night.

  • muollo

    another name for a skidmark man i was drying my -ss after a shower and it left a muollo on it

  • indie cunt

    someone who calls themselves or refers to their actions as indie, when in fact they couldn’t be more basic white girl if they tried. normally the type who listen to the 1975 and/or radiohead. you’re such and indie c-nt. only indie c-nts think glitter on their face makes them unique.

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