(aye f*** you bro)
this word started in san jose by a crew during fantasy football.

the acronym afyb occurred frequently then moved to other areas like chats & public gatherings

this is word can be used in a fun or negative context but mostly when someone is making fun of you are does something horrible that impacts you.

in the funny/playful contest, this word is used a lot when intoxicated or in private chats
in negative angry context, this word is to display disappointment with an individual.

some say this word came from ancient text about valhalla.
other say it had its humble beginnings at 428 or lesola
a**** = aye t-to why you are h-lla drink?
t***= afyb, im sober
a****= afyb, you are not!

other context

t***: afyb, who ate all my tacos?

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