a very very weird and cool person that is unique in her own way ;o)
my sister!!

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  • After exams

    the crunch time at the end of an academic year, when all fun or otherwise entertaining activities have to be postponed until all exams have been taken. a: “dude, you want to go hang out later this week?” b: “sorry, can’t. let’s do that after exams.” c: “you totally have to check this out, it’s […]

  • A hole

    polite, unoffensive manner to refer to someone as an -sshole. he is such an -a hole-. 15 more definitions add your own the polite way to use the wonderful expletive, -sshole. they use this all the time on the radio (jim rome) but i mean cmon, it means the same d-mn thing… los angeles lakers […]

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    sup, hi, yes, confirming, hey 1: sup john 2: ahwuuud

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