my tent is in her, the name of an imaginary harlot, applied symbolically to jerusalem, because she had abandoned the worship of the true g-d and given herself up to the idolatries of foreign nations. (ezek. 23:4, 11, 22, 36, 44).

historical examples

aholibah no longer manifested interest in the life of paris.
visionaries james huneker

his aholibah is a poem that is as moral in one sense as it is lascivious in another.
old and new masters robert lynd

aholibah watched like a cat every night; he was not on for day duty.
visionaries james huneker

and the names of them were aholah the elder, and aholibah her sister: and they were mine, and they bare sons and daughters.
the prophet ezekiel arno c. gaebelein

little comment is needed on this final section; there is a recapitulation of the sins of aholah and aholibah.
the prophet ezekiel arno c. gaebelein

i would rather have six teeth pulled out than hear my aholibah called pretty.
olive in italy moray dalton

august had almost spent itself, and aholibah remained in the arid and flavourless town.
visionaries james huneker

he was so amiable, his smile so winning, his admiration so virginal, that aholibah kept him near her.
visionaries james huneker

it was nearly six o’clock when the door slowly opened and aholibah entered.
visionaries james huneker

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