historical examples

but in the later theology it will be observed that evil in ahriman is not organic.
demonology and devil-lore moncure daniel conway

these are ormuzd, the principle of light, and ahriman, the principle of darkness.
history of education levi seeley

ormuzd creates the world pure and beautiful, but ahriman comes after him and creates everything that is evil in it.
myths and myth-makers john fiske

ahura and ahriman confront each other as the good power and the evil.
history of religion allan menzies

xaltotun’s no mortal man, and only with the heart of ahriman can i stand against him.
the hour of the dragon robert e. howard

they were ahriman’s devas struggling with the yazatas of ormuzd.
the oriental religions in roman paganism franz c-mont

the woman being persuaded by ahriman, in the guise of a serpent, gave her husband fruit to eat, which was destructive.
plant lore, legends, and lyrics richard folkard

some further representations of ormazd occur in the s-ssanian sculptures; but ahriman seems not to be portrayed elsewhere.
the seven great monarchies of the ancient eastern world, vol 7. (of 7): the s-ssanian or new persian empire george rawlinson

but such as yield to the evil impulses prompted by ahriman shall abide eternally in woe and misery.
the worlds greatest books, volume xiii. various

sometimes he plays henchman to ormuzd, sometimes to ahriman.
shadows of flames amelie rives

(zoroastrianism) the supreme evil spirit and diabolical opponent of ormazd

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