a clarion call for all that has ironic, satirical or nonsensical meaning.
mr. raby was very succinct and lucid today. he also claimed to win gold. ahyew!

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  • Ailein

    wonderful woman, smart, talented, perfection, any man would be lucky to even talk to her. she has a wonderful smile, the most beautiful person to walk the earth in a million years, if you looked for defetion of beauty you would see ailein have you heard about ailein? no why? she is more beautiful than […]

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    people walking around with their -ss hanging out of their clothing. girls, just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you look good with your aircheeks hanging out. boy! pull your pants up, how do you expect to walk with your aircheeks hanging out of your jeans?

  • Ajewtrements

    noun. definition: items like prayer shawls, yarmulkes, siddurs/prayer books, tefillin, and other items inherently jewish used for worship. “oy morty, look at the way moshe is wearing his yarmulke, jaunty like a beret.”

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    a korean term that literally means something like “uncle”, and is a polite way to refer to a man who is older than you, who you don’t know well. that doesn’t mean they’re _old_, necessarily– little kids might call a man in his 20’s “ajusshi”. it could also be used as the equivalent of english […]

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    ruler of the 7 seas akbok, poof!!!

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