use it any way you can, shamelessly.

“hey, should i eat this slice of pizza, or drink my soda first?”

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  • Free Blow

    when a stripper thinks you’re very attractive, and is willing to blow you for free. dude i went to the strip club and got a free blow from janet! i feel like a boss!

  • Browntag

    it’s where you p–p everywhere you go to mark your territory. did you go to seattle last weekend? yeah i browntagged it.

  • Garck

    the ancient art of “successfully” practice a f-ll-t– on himself ~or herself( real talent ), special form of autof-ll-t–, more aggressive or in a skillful/creative way, when it is practiced in a social environment, with friends, or as a compet-tion it is also often called garckeling “hey matt i was able to garck!, i think […]

  • vomiting vicar

    -j-c-l-t-ng p-n-s i’m going home to stroke the vomiting vicar

  • revengist

    a person who seeks revenge. the usa bombed syria, including children, and created many revengists. #terrorist #revenge

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