the most beautiful woman on earth, and also kind af.
she lights up the room, by just walking in.

don’t f-ck with her if u know she dosent f-ck with u.

she will f-ck u up fam.
aiat is like the best , she helped me with my annoying -ss homework.

god bless her.

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    describes the chest of a ridiculously fit, cut person with a 6-pack. portmanteau of abs and obscene. dude, did you see leonidas at the beach yesterday? yeah man, he looked abscene. gym must be really paying off.

  • aborigine brothers

    two men get a bl-wj-b from the same girl guy 1: dude did she just blow you? guy 2: yeah man she’s a freak! guy 1: we’re aborigine brothers then! drinks on me tonight

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    1-10 female attractiveness scale, with 1 meaning “d-mn, she’s ugly” and 10 meaning “d-mn she breaths male unfulfilled dreams of procreation” -boy does she hit a 7.5 on the 1-10 fas! -how tasteful of you to cut 0.5 for shrimp-like tendencies, thus resisting that hypnotizing body that is disproportionately hotter than the face

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