aidan bosco

the absolute man. gets any girl he wants. everyone wants to be or f-ck him.
cmon aidan bosco please come and make love to us

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  • Rehobilitated

    verb past tense: rehobilitated when a woman needs to be (or has been) restored to datable or wife material nancy used to sleep with everyone in college, but she was rehobilitated and is now faithful and married with kids.

  • pasadena milkshake

    the nasal version of a rainbow kiss. i.e. snorting through a straw. dude, the girl tried to rainbow kiss me so i gave her a pasadena milkshake instead

  • Ohany

    ohany is a chill kind of guy, usually a stoner. sienna: “hey do you know anyone down to smoke?” mondo: “h-ll yeah, ohany”

  • polish gap

    the bare area of your nail that grows out in between no chip manicures. to avoid a polish gap go to the nail salon every two weeks without fail.

  • bbyoo

    a mix between “baby” and “boo” something a guy your talking to can call you because you guys are more than friends but not dating yet. “goodnight bbyoo” “goodmorning bbyoo”

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