a monster in hiding that lives in the snow and will suck you under with their tentacle and break your leg. could also be a rat trap… n-body knows!!!

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  • Bracco

    a person that arose in long island that enjoys s-xual encounters with the male figure; his favorite activities are -n-l s-x (giving and receiving), watching the yankees bang each other, and just being terrible at every sport there is possible. you can find a bracco usually in an alley way attempting to lure the male […]

  • Downie Syndrome

    n. a derogatory nickname for nhl player steve downie, who’s play often makes one think he has extra chromosomes gumming up the decision making center of his brain. n. a syndrome in which a hockey player does something stupid, similar to what steve downie probably would have done. 1. downie syndrome just took another pointless […]

  • downsville

    is the building where everyone who works there is down… 1.hey brian have u been over to downsville yet… 2.hey he should work over at downsville, cause he is down. 3.there all down in that building.

  • Dancabilty

    the ability to tell whether a song can be danced to. benni bennasi’s new song is brilliant its great to dance to, its got such dancabilty.

  • gargle-on-my-cock

    she can’t handle all of your meat so she gargles it as deep as she can. aka she deep throats it. (betsy) that’s huge!!! (timmy) that’s right, you are going to have to gargle-on-my-c-ck.

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